Sunday, March 18, 2018

Irish days at golf course

It was a fun night at the golf club with lots of oldies being played and of course Irish music
throughout the evening.  We enjoyed corn beef and cabbage .

Many danced from the members but didn't see anyone up from our table, the waitress did try hard to get Gary Tower up there but with no Irish luck. lol

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St Patricks Day

Out for the day yesterday with the girls, we had Liz as the trip Advisor and Lucy the driver, both did
great jobs.
We started out in Cherry Grove at the IGA store, well the whole upstairs is crafts and
souvenirs, I got some sea glass to take home. pretty colors.
Then to a shoe store which that sold shag shoes, no we did not bite, lol  on down to Carolina Pottery
a hugh store for a little of everything but not clothes.  On we went to Lunch at a lovely restaurant Liz
and Gary found, lunch was delicious as you can see in pictures, we got a kick out of the bathrooms also.  A must to go back to.  Then up North to a lovely gift store and jewellery making store.
Tonight its corn beef and cabbage at golf course.   

Monday, March 12, 2018


gift shop at the Church

Off to church yesterday, it was packed as it seems to be every week.  Paula and I stayed behind to get a few things in gift shop and also light a candle for some special people .

After Laurie Paula and I went to MacDonalds for  a snack and coffee, seniors coffee 56 cents and different meals for 1,2,3 dollars .not sure they have that in Canada. 

Then back to JC Penney's, another good buy on sweaters, can't think of packing all my purchases up. lol , just keep telling myself it will fit...

Diet has been suffering a bit, got to get on the wagon again. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Ladies night at Barefoot....

It was ladies night at Barefoot and although 6 ladies were suppose to go, 3 of us made it,
Paula was in Canada for the week, Debbie was not feeling good and Pat , not a shopper, lol
Even though it was raining, Liz, Lucy and I went and enjoyed going from store to store, only
getting through half the stores before we had to leave for Trivia night at Barefoot and a
cheap supper.
Kirk and Debbie's daughter Hilary joined us, a school teacher from Moncton on March
break and boy she was very helpful with the questions. We gave the team a new name
Taebek Rejects, lol  as in Alex Taebek of Jeopardy , we came in second and won $25.00,
the team uses it next week for appetiters at the game.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Market Commons

Malcolm and I took the day to drive to Market Commons, a little community all by itself with
various stores all along the strrets and apartments avove all the stores.  They have there own
book store, theatre and many restaurants .  We tried lunch at a Chinese restaurant, it was good
but what they call not hot took 3 full glasses of water for me to finish. lol
News from home our grandson Trent was accepted at NBCC Moncton, N.B. for
electrical Engineering, we are very happy he is starting out there and not far from his
grandparents for a stop in from time to time. lol

Monday, February 26, 2018


we stay right behind the towers...

We had a nice walk around Barefoot, a short distance from where we stay.  Trees are in bloom a bit early but weather has been good.  Now the pollen starts, which covers the cars.

Mal having a few days break from golf before the rest of gang arrive by Thursday. 

This is way barefoot will look by next year.

Sorry I have not been on much but not doing as many pictures as in past. Have a grandson's grad
scrapbook to work on this year and my project life book.


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