Friday, January 12, 2018

packing up

Well mail man delivered a parcel to the door today from Irving Oil, it was a nice warm cap for
winter but hopefully Malcolm Jr will be wearing as we pack up to head out end of month.  it was a
gift for signing up for capping the price on propane, get it capped

My battery went on computer and I decided I would check out price of a battery rather than looking at new laptop and fellow said even though its 5 years old its in very good shape so I left it for installment of battery and checked.  Printer came up from basement we take away with us and new ink added so she is ready to roll. 

Next week I am going to Miramichi for a few days to visit the girls and Malcolm shall continue to pack up our goodies.

Oldies from the 60's

Malcolm's grandfathers store
On facebook today a photographer from Saint John who did photography for the tv station
posted a few pictures on a Saint John facebook I belong to and both Malcolm
and I enjoyed seeing the old photos of South end area of the city again.  Kate was here and I showed
her how it was in our days growing up, people hung out on door steps, looking out opened windows,
having a chat in the squares and everyone hung out their clothes.

I especially liked the picture of the gal swinging in the door way, anyway to have fun was great.
Actually the little girl looked like me in a way in those years.

Memories, I love them and have no regrets living those years, they were great.

church we were married in St John the Baptist....

Friday, January 5, 2018

vegetable soup

We survived the storm, not as bad as we expected but Miramichi got hit hard.

Today was soup day and I made 12 containers up for myself and Susan.

5. Carrots/chopped. 3.onions/chopped. 2. (16.oz ) cans whole peeled tomatoes with liquid. 1. LG. Head of cabbage/ chopped. 1. Envelope dry onion soup mix. 1. (15.oz). Can cut green beans. Drained... 2. Quarts Tomato Juice. I use 1 large can and 1 small can. 2. Green peppers. Diced. 10. Stalks celery.chopped. 1. (14.oz). Can beef broth. It doesn't call for salt or pepper. But I put some in. It taste quite fresh. PLACE CARROTS. ONIONS. TOMATOES. CABBAGE.GREEN BEANS. PEPPERS AND CELERY IN LARGE POT. ADD: ONION SOUP MIX . TOMATO JUICE. BEEF BROTH. AND ENOUGH WATER TO COVER VEGGIES... SIMMER..UNTIL ALL VEGGIES ARE TENDER . MAY BE STORED IN FRIDGE FOR SEVERAL DAYS...ALMOST 2 HOURS SIMMER. ..I BUY MEDIUM SIZE MASON JARS. EQUALS ONE BOWL... I FILL THEM AND FREEZE SOME AND KEEP SOME IN FRIDGE...
I added a can of kidney beans for an extra treat.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

storm hits the province

About noon the snow fell and came down pretty fast, around suppertime the plow came and cleared driveway and then wind and rain started so heaven knows what the evening will bring but we have power and crews are on hand everywhere in case of outages.

Humanity house opened the doors for the night so those out in the cold get somewhere to get warm and some food to eat, thank goodness we have places like these in town and also the harvest house.

Went to Weight watchers meeting, only about 12 of us there but another good meeting.
I find this group very friendly and open about their achievements and disappointments. I had a
small gain again this week but to be expected after Christmas and New Years.  NOT next week,
back on track .
Joined the Y yesterday, even if I only get their half a dozen times this month it is worth it.
Stay safe...


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

happy birthday Anitha

Have a wonderful day........

its a new year

happy New Year 2018


well its been a year since I did a blog and not sure yet how often Ill do one in 2018 but here goes..

Last year I made the decision to give my blog a rest and I sure did but I really wasn't in the mood to
write.  I had gone in hospital in 2016 and discovered I had to have valve replacement surgery in Saint John, also was advised for my health I should lose weight so it all begins....

I joined weight watchers in January with my daughter and since I was unable to go south for winter months I started the process.

Each month flew by waiting for the call and each month I continued losing weight, Susan joined the gym as well and each month we seen progress and now going into 2018 I have lost almost 50 lbs and
Susan has lost over 40 and I still have a way to go but feel so much better. 

In Sept I had surgery, long wait but went very well. recovery went good, and now we are able to head south.  We head out end of January for 2 looking forward to it.

friends in for supper, great evening, women were the champs playing queens...............yeah.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Nirupama and Adam's shower in Moncton

two families come together

Nirupama and Adam with Barb, who has been like a grandmother to Nirupama

Paula and I get together with them, guess you could
call us aunties.....

Paula who was a big part of Nirupama's life

Cake made by Nirupama's sister Anapuma, beautiful
Well its been a long time since I put anything on my blog but this was a special occasion to
add a very special young couple to my blog as they begin an adventure of a life time as Man and wife.
Nirupama is the youngest daughter of our good friends Anitha and Rama and they flew to the
Maritimes this weekend to celebrate a celebration with special friends and family at the Days Inn.
Adam and Nirupama will be married in the upcoming months ahead and it was so nice to see all
unite together for a special day.
Nirupama's nieces beside her

the groom's mom

Paula and I before we leave for shower

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

Excitement of Christmas rings through with Christmas eve and seafood casserole.......and pizza, great combination... lol

We open a gift or two and then over to the Cormier's for the opening of the baskets...

The year is coming to an end and so is my blog for awhile, with no trip south and friends all away decided its time for a rest... still will put pictures on facebook so if you don't see us here we will be
still in the internet

Wishing all a very happy 2017 with health and happiness throughout the year.....God Bless..

our son Malcolm

she was so excited....

Mal's gift from Sue Rob and myself - Fossil watch

Mals gifts to Rob and Sue

tickets from Malcolm for Riverdance

excitement builds lol

cell phone or basket? ah.....basket I guess

Nanny Wendy looks on as Garret tears at basket..

baskets plus gift cards

Trent gets fossil watch

Kate gets her makeup bag full of makeup

I get a painting for my room

Malcolm has no returns this year all fit..Yeah..

our three grandchildren growing too fast...

MacKenney's 2016 tree


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